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kate wille | 


As a dedicated operations manager, Kate Wille plays a unique and often overlooked role in creating a trackable, comprehensive business model for Porch Light Realty Group. With a passion for numbers, Kate is committed to fostering an environment of transparency, accountability and education that not only keeps her agents informed on broader market trends but allows them to consistently implement the most advantageous strategies and techniques on behalf of their clients. Her focus on building, researching and executing proven systems and creating an amazing agent experience within her team gives each member the opportunity to dedicate their full effort to serving clients and providing exceptional, informed customer service. Running weekly one-on-one and team sessions that streamline the basics of home buying and selling, Kate's goal to provide an honest environment where agents can share their struggles and triumphs is instrumental in creating an unparalleled experience for both her team members and their clientele. 


Licensed in Oregon since 2006 and a returning resident since 2004, Kate is an avid lover of Portland's unique neighborhoods, endlessly-friendly atmosphere and booming foodie scene. An active member of her community, Kate is a former board member for St. John's Center for Opportunity and can be found in her down time supporting and exploring local businesses, having big picture conversations with friends and strangers alike and spending time at home with her husband and Buddy Boy the cat.


 ben wille |  

An integral part of over 300 real estate transactions throughout his career, Ben Wille's experience guiding clients through both the buying and selling side of the market gives him a uniquely well-rounded perspective on how to win in today's real estate market. A team player and exceptional listener, Ben's down-to-earth, collaborative approach prioritizes client needs and proper education over closing deals. By presenting his sellers with all the facts and allowing them to take the lead in a no-pressure environment, Ben empowers his clients to make the best financial and lifestyle decisions based on their specific circumstances. His commitment to staying on top of home values, market trends and industry developments means sellers receive the most up-to-date numbers, pricing strategies and marketing techniques. With a problem-solving mentality and thoughtful decision making process, Ben works closely with each member of the Porch Light team to advise, support and educate his clients whether they're actively looking to put their home on the market or simply wanting an update on their home value.


An Ohio native and nature lover, Ben enjoys spending his free time rooting on the Buckeyes or getting out in the great outdoors to fish, explore and tell tall tales around the campfire. Happily settled in St. Johns, Ben loves dropping into local shops, restaurants and bars with his wife to say hello to old friends, start conversations with new ones and lend a helping hand in the community whenever possible. 

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kelsey griffith  | 

A dedicated client advocate, Kelsey has spent her real estate career honing her market expertise, establishing trusted co-op relationships and learning every nook and cranny of Portland's many unique neighborhoods. A creative and ambitious negotiator, Kelsey is committed to staying curious in each transaction and proactively seeking solutions that put her clients ahead of the curve. While her track record shows her talent for guiding clients from all walks of life to successful closings, Kelsey thrives on assisting first time and relocation clients by helping new buyers navigate the peaks and valleys of their first transaction with ease and utilizing Porch Light's amazing relocation program that serves as eyes, ears and feet on the ground for those shopping from afar. For clients looking to sell their property Kelsey explains strategy, timing and pricing so the client can make the best decision for their real estate needs. From educating herself on the local market, to researching properties, her consistent efforts to provide an unequalled client experience.


Kelsey is also passionate about the outdoors and when not assisting clients she can be found escaping to the snow on Mt. Hood, hiking through new wilderness and hanging with her Bernese Mountain Dog, Kimber. 


ashley riordan |


The backbone of Porch Light Realty Group's transaction coordination system, Ashley Riordan greets each work day at 7:30 sharp with a prepared and positive attitude that allows each team member to stay on track and on task. Handling all paperwork submission, client correspondence and transactional follow up, Ashley's role is essential to ensuring each milestone passes without mishap and closing dates are met on time. With four years of office management experience and exceptional organizational skills, Ashley is the perfect combination of adaptable and reliable in the ever-evolving world of real estate.


A family-oriented person, Ashley spends most of her free time enjoying the company of her husband, young daughter and their extended family while exploring new local adventures, hiking with her pups and building sand castles on the beach. In love with Portland's welcoming and diverse atmosphere and endless variety of activities rain or shine, Ashley wouldn't dream of calling another place home. 

chloe leatherwood | 


Chloe's enthusiasm and hard work ethic makes her a strong Lead Agent working with both buyers and sellers to accomplish their real estate goals. She has spent the past four years diving into real estate and the past two years with Porch Light Realty Group. Chloe's background as a professional dancer had her traveling extensively for 10 years, but she has loved coming back to her roots in Oregon, her favorite place in the world!


Besides work, Chloe loves to take advantage of everything Portland has to offer, from hiking to camping or indulging in the food and craft beer scene... the Pacific Northwest is her home!

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