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Porch Light Lead Agent Position Overview

For a full position description, including compensation, vacation policies, etc.  please complete the steps under Interested in Position to the right. 



Below is an outline of the position responsibilities. Our team Transaction Manager assists with many of the tasks listed below and the Lead Agent works closely to ensure a smooth real estate experience. This position includes working with both buyers and sellers.

Clients looking to purchase a property 

  • Coordinate appointment for Buyer Consultation

  • Prep for Buyer Consultation

  • Lead/attend Buyer Consultation

  • Win the client

  • Upload consultation notes

  • Set up home search

  • Follow up with client

  • Research properties

  • Schedule properties to tour/Show properties

  • Run comps for properties of interest/research property

  • Write/negotiate offer

  • Attend inspections

  • Manage transaction from accepted offer to closing

  • Communicate with all parties involved

  • Present keys and closing gift

  • Past client follow up

Clients looking to sell a property 

  • Coordinate appointment for Listing Consultation

  • Prepare for Listing Consultation

    • Research property

    • Prepare Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

    • Prepare listing documents

  • Lead/attend Listing Consultation

  • Win the client

  • Upload consultation notes

  • Create strategy for next steps

  • Follow up with client

  • Sign listing contract

  • Prepare to launch listing

    • Photography, signage, lockbox/keys

    • Coordinate marketing team

    • Complete/review RMLS listing

  • Launch listing

  • Hold open houses

  • Schedule showings/Provide feedback

  • Follow up with Client

  • Negotiate offers

  • Manage transaction from accepted offer to closing

  • Present closing gift

  • Past client follow up


Porch Light Team Member Requirements

  • 2 team huddles week

    • Wed: 10am huddle in Pearl Office, followed by 30 min. Round table discussion

    • Fri: 10am phone huddle to review transactions/set tone for weekend

  • Weekly 30 minute coaching/1-1 check-in with Team Leader (most often over the phone)

  • View or attend KWRP Market Center meeting 2 x per month

  • Attend the following KWRP training courses each 2 x per year (offered monthly)

    • Contracts for Listings

    • Contracts for Buyers

    • Supplemental Forms

  • Attend one KWRP office training/class/mastermind per month

The Team Member attends Porch Light sponsored events and activities including

  • Porch Light Annual Client Gratitude Party (Jan)

  • Quarterly Events

    • St Johns Parade (May) 

    • Wreath Giveaway (Dec)

    • Summer community event

  • Porch Light Sponsored Events


The Team Member agrees to the following

  • Maintain active real estate license in good standing

  • Maintain active driver’s license

  • Complete all required continuing education requirements

  • Stay up-to-date on RMLS and PMAR/NAR requirements

  • Follow the Keller Williams Realty Professionals handbook

  • Have an active Docusign account

  • Have an active Zipforms account

Porch Light Business Hours are 7 days per week from 8am-7pm, agents are expected to be available during those times for appointments, showings, meetings, calls, emails and texts.  It is understood that there will time during these hours that the agent will be unavailable due to personal appointments and these will be blocked out in the calendar.  The Lead Agent typically works 30-50 hours/week total. 

Interested in the Position?


Great! Please review and complete the following steps.

1. Review our Mission and Vision Statement below

2. Complete the Position Inquiry Questionnaire Link Here

3. Please complete the Tony Robbins DISC assessment (link) and email

your results to (if you have already taken this

assessment in the past 12 months please simply send those results.)

Porch Light Mission + Vision

We educate and advocate for our clients. 

Let us guide you on your real estate adventure!


We practice the following values to support our vision. 


Relatable: Being adaptable. Meeting people where they are at. Developing rapport. Caring for the client beyond the transaction without expectation. 

We become relatable when we:

  • Listen and hear what the clients needs are and reiterate it to them for clarity. Asking additional questions and making the client heard. 

  • Are adept at reading and adjusting to social cues.

  • Finding moments to exceed expectations.


Resourceful: Being an adaptable, creative problem solver with a desire for continued learning while maintaining a growth mindset.

We are resourceful when we:

  • Focus on how to move forward instead of getting caught up on what went wrong.

  • Are proactive about finding solutions before asking for help.

  • Seek knowledge and growth through books, classes, coaching, etc. 


Strategic: Being able to breakdown objectives into actionable steps. 

We are being strategic when we:

  • Are able to formulate a plan of action and execute it.

  • Utilize feedback and past experience to move forward.

  • Demonstrate effective organizational skills.


Communicative: Being open and willing to discuss things in a relevant and solution based manner to achieve forward motion through communications. Choosing relevant formats to convey messages. 

We are being communicative when we:

  • Clearly articulate thoughts and feelings, are willing to be vulnerable and open to participating in holding safe space for others

  • Respond to messages in a timely manner including when we need to buy time.

  • Maintain a team oriented mentality incorporating “us, we and our”.


Upholding Standards: The practice of maintaining guidelines and principles that are required to uphold our professionalism in support of our clients and team. 

We are upholding standards when we:

  • Know the tasks to complete and ask questions if we are not clear.

  • Do the required tasks and take responsibility and respect the consequences if they are not done.

  • Utilize the systems designed for the success of the individuals in the company.

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