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curb appeal

The view from the curb is the first opportunity potential buyers have to make a connection with your home. While the inside of the home is ultimately what will make the sale, it's important to not neglect simple improvements you can make to your home's exterior. Keeping grass and trees nicely trimmed, freshening mulch and bark dust beds, planting attractive flowers and shrubs or simply updating your house numbers can all go a long way in creating a welcoming atmosphere.


odds & ends

We know that squeaking door hinge probably isn't the biggest deal, but new home owners may take small, simple flaws as a sign that the home has larger issues. Make sure to tighten up the odds and ends of your home by making sure all knobs and handles are properly attached, rods and railings are secure and all those half-finished DIYS projects are completed. This shows potential buyers a pride of ownership that will increase their confidence in the home's overall condition.



Part of making your house a home is putting your mark on the space and personalizing. While some of your personal choices may in fact help the sale of the home, others can be more indicative of personal style and should be minimized or eliminated. Intense paint colors, busy decor and overly stylized artwork and accessory choices can often make it difficult for buyers to visualize themselves in the space. Instead, opt for fresh, neutral colors, artwork over family photos and a less-is-more mentality.



We all have the one drawer, closet or room that seems to collect all the overflow items and maybe isn't being used to its highest potential. Take the time to fully organize your home and give every room a purpose by cleaning out the garage, purchasing storage bins or giving all the not-so-attractive storage items their own, out-of-sight space. Buyers won't be shy about opening every door when viewing your home and we don't want a messy or purposeless space to deter them from an otherwise great match.



Bring some life and light to your home by brightening your wall colors, purchasing airy curtains or simply making the home welcoming with pleasant smells or pops of color. While your decor should tend towards the simple and clean, incorporating bright seasonal bouquets or displaying fresh produce in the kitchen immediately brings a fresh feel to your space. Introducing a subtle, refreshing scent and making sure all lights are on and curtains open helps create an inviting atmosphere. 

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